Innovative CT-Reconstruction.

Our novel physically based reconstruction software reduces artifacts to a minimum and enables precise measurements even for the most challenging CT scans.

We show you what our software can get out of your CT scans.


Conventional Iterative Reconstruction

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Error-free reconstruction of composite parts

  • The Voxray reconstruction does not exhibit typical errors in CT-reconstructions around high density materials (e.g. metal)
  • Higher inspection accuracy for composite materials
When scanning multi-material objects with high density differences, conventional CT reconstruction software introduces streaking artifacts. This problem is known as Beam-Hardening and arises due to the polychromatic nature of X-ray beams. As the X-ray beam passes through an object, higher-energy photons are attenuated less than lower-energy photons. This energy-dependent attenuation then leads to a distortion causing objects to appear denser and resulting in the appearance of reconstruction errors (artifacts). These artifacts can compromise the accuracy of measurements and hinder the ability to make precise diagnoses, imposing a critical challenge in both industrial and medical contexts. The Voxray reconstruction solution applies advanced inverse photon simulation techniques to estimate the attenuation curves and thus reduce beam hardening artifacts to a minimum.

Compatibility with all scanner types

  • Simple drop-in replacement
  • Works on all scanner brands and models
  • No additional work required

Conventional Iterative Reconstruction

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The Voxray reconstruction software is designed as a drop-in replacement for existing reconstruction software. As such it natively reads the data from all common brands and models of CT scanners and emits results in data formats you can use directly.

Double the throughput of existing devices

  • Significant reduction in the amount of required X-ray projections
  • Scanner requires far less time per object
  • Higher throughput of the scanners you already have

Conventional Reconstruction

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The time a CT device spends on each object directly impacts its throughput, i.e. the number of objects your team can analyze in a day. With the Voxray reconstruction software, the same or oftentimes better reconstruction results can be achieved with far fewer input projections. In practice you will often need less than half the number of X-ray images, effectively more than doubling the throughput of your existing CT scanner. This not only saves valuable time for your employees, but also reduces the wear and tear of your CT devices.

Specialty methods (laminography)

  • Used for flat samples (e.g. printed circuit boards, car doors, battery packs)
  • Poses challenges for conventional reconstruction algorithms, often leading to unusable results
  • Voxray software achieves drastically better results


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For particularly flat samples (e.g. printed circuit boards, car doors, battery packs), specialty scanning methods are employed. With circular CT, some of the X-ray projections would inevitably include rays nearly parallel to the object, leading to significantly varying absorption rates over all projections.
A technique designed for these cases is the so-called laminography. Instead of rotating the object around its primary axis, the object is tilted slightly and then rotated about the normal to its plane. While this avoids large differences in the absorption between projections, it causes all projections to originate from the same general direction. This is called a limited angle problem.
Conventional reconstruction algorithms often completely fail under these circumstances, producing unusable results. The Voxray solution achieves drastically better results in limited angle setups.

Excellent for robotic CT applications

  • Support for arbitrary scanning geometries and trajectories
  • High quality results even in slightly miscalibrated robotic setups
Depending on the geometry of the object to scan, the classic circular CT is not always the right choice. For more complex parts, e.g. objects of strongly non-uniform dimensions, robotic CT systems are seeing an increase in popularity. These provide the flexibility to freely position the CT source and detector around the object and allow for a great amount of automation in the inspection process.
Conventional reconstruction solutions often struggle with these conditions, either because the algorithms do not support arbitrary source and detector poses, or due to small differences between the robot's programmed and actual trajectory. The Voxray software allows for high quality reconstruction results with robotic CT. Our solution supports projections from arbitrary directions. Additionally it automatically corrects for miscalibrations in the trajectory, significantly increasing the reconstruction accuracy.

Automatic scanner calibration

  • Automatic detection and correction of scanner miscalibration in software
  • Clear reduction of ghosting artifacts and blurred material boundaries
  • Reduced need for frequent high-quality calibration

Conventional Reconstruction

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For quality assurance and research and development, the highest scan quality is required. This is largely dependent on the accuracy of the calibration of the CT device, both geometrically and radiometrically.
In practice, it is often difficult to achieve perfect calibration. While this is true for all types of CT scanning systems, it is especially the case for robotic CT systems, which are often used to scan objects with non-uniform dimensions. The presence of calibration errors then often results in unusable reconstructions with ghosting artifacts and blurred material boundaries.
With our inverse photon simulation, the Voxray reconstruction software is able to not only detect calibration errors, but also correct them automatically during reconstruction. Our solution achieves significantly higher reconstruction quality while reducing the need for frequent recalibrations.

State of the art rendering

  • Included viewer application
  • Implements latest rendering algorithms
  • Easily create images or videos of your objects
The Voxray software package includes a high-performance viewer application for volume data. In addition to inspecting your parts, this also allows them to be displayed using the latest algorithms. This makes it easy to compare different objects and create appealing images or videos of your objects.
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